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    Creative & DifferentiSpace, Inc. is transforming education through technology

    Our animated learning tools, interactive game based reward system, and individualized online tutoring help students to reach their highest potential. iSpace offers digital learning solutions in Science, Mathematics and English/Language Arts for students K-12. We believe technology is a priceless educational tool that is key to helping your child succeed.

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    Future of EducationTo Serve Students Across the Globe

    At iSpace, Inc. we are using innovative technologies to enhance traditional education and create a new learning paradigm. Our high quality cost-effective online learning tools have produced dramatic improvements in student achievement and test scores. Web based technology connects teachers and students in a non-traditional way. We have created systems that use students' past performance to tailor content to their individual needs and learning styles. Our animation and gaming programs engage and encourage learners, creating an interactive educational experience. These technologies and others to come will help improve the lives of our students and provide tools necessary to remain competitive in today's evolving job markets.

  • We make new products

    That Excite and InspireRILE | Discovery Spot | PicoBot

    iSpace has partnered with the University of West Florida to create engaging technologies to change the way physics, math, and other STEM topics are taught at the middle and high school levels. For more information, visit the links below.

    RILE (Robotic Interactive Learning Environment)

    Discovery Spot


About us

At iSpace, Inc., education and technology are our passion. We are committed to helping students learn and master their respective curriculum. It is our endeavor to help students and educators enjoy the learning process by making it more interactive.

We Build Technology

To Teach STEM

We partner with Universities, Faculty, Industry Professionals, and Schools to develop technologies in the pursuit of making education exciting, fun, and engaging.

The following projects are in partnership with the University of West Florida.

Discovery Spot is a technology playground and project center where students of any age can experience cutting edge technology, participate in any of our hands-on activities, or develop their own projects with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable instructors, tools, and resources.

  • Mobile App Development: iOS and Android
  • 3D Design and Printing
  • Video Game Development and AI
  • Robotics and Electronics
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RILE, the Robotics Interactive Learning Environment, provides a specialized robotics platform that allows students of any age group to learn world class physics concepts in a fun and exciting environment.

  • World class content developed by UWF professors.
  • Specialized robots that bring physics content to life in person or online.
  • An online textbook to engage students in all aspects of physics education.
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Pico Bot is a robotics kit which teaches programming and hardware development for students of any age. Packaged as an individual kit, Pico Bot lets students build their robot, and bring it to life by building applications.

  • Motors, Sensors, and Lights make the Pico Bot reactive and fun.
  • Programming can be done via a Puzzle based GUI or a text interface.
  • Interactive Guides and tutorials are provided.
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IADA is a joint venture between iSpace, Inc and University of West Florida, FL USA using Data Analytics to provide a Predictive analysis model in health care.

IADA- The use of IoT, social media, and bureaucratic requirements of many institutions have established the fact that data is growing in size at an alarming rate. In fact, it is documented that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being generated each day. Given this scenario, the need for trained data analysts who can discern what is relevant and what is not from the abundance of data, analyze the relevant data and interpret the results is also growing. But the number of available trained professionals is not matching the need. This lack of trained professionals will have an effect on the decision-making process for management, which hinders growth.

IADA offers a possible solution by encouraging citizen data scientists who may be experts in their specialized domains such as medicine, geo-science, management, administration, sales, marketing etc. but not necessarily trained data scientists, to make informed decisions using an Interactive Data Analytics tool for Big Data (IADA-BD). The mission of this proposal is to expand the pool of citizen data scientists by making data analytics accessible to this new population. This tool will allow the citizen data scientists to focus on their requirements from the data and obtain results. This interaction with the data will enable them to make informed decisions that help their organizations and their field of study succeed. In this proof of concept phase, IADA will provide the automated analytics data for aggregate functions on Big Data. Additionally, analytics for supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms and their applicability to Big Data will also be performed. These include linear regression, random forest for classification, and clustering for unsupervised algorithms. These operations will allow the research team to focus on the data types for specific domains, the culling and curating techniques, and the operations to be performed on the data specific to the domains.

We Have The Team

iSpace is diverse in every way imaginable; from our ages; to our educational background; to our personal interests. Yet we all have one thing in common; we strive towards excellence and do all that we can to make our company first in our field. Our tutoring staff is comprised of certified teachers in multiple subjects and highly qualified paraprofessionals. Our program directors, managers, and tech staff boast impressive degrees and extensive experience in fields ranging from education to law to business. Our upper management staff and CEO's come from both technology and business backgrounds; while our award winning social media and audiovisual teams round out our innovative and extraordinary company.

We Provide Multiple Services

While we are constantly developing new learning systems, we currently offer three core programs; one-on-one online tutoring, Playmath, and Virtual Tutor (VT).

My son, Harrison Owens, attended the Smart Cities camp conducted in summer of 2019 which is the first of this type that he’s ever attended, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He doesn’t say much in class, but he spoke very highly of all the facilitators and instructors. I’m hoping to expose him to more technology-related courses so that he may find his areas of interest. Your camp offerings are an asset to our area, as well as a great way to kindle the interest of children in STEM.

-- Terry Owens., Parent

My son attended the UWF / iSpace Smart Cities and Cyber Jedi camp last week. My son thoroughly enjoyed using this kit at the camp. Thank you so much!.

-- Andi Nelson, Parent

Fantastic week! He learned so much and raved about the day's work every evening

-- Holly P., Parent

My son has attended many summer camps here over the last few years. This is absolutely his favorite. He came home every day excited to tell us what he had done.

-- Paul I, Parent

My daughter really enjoyed the camp and was very excited about everything she learned. She is eager to learn much more about technology now.

-- Ashley T., Parent

He learned new concepts and enjoyed himself.

-- Latrasa T., Parent

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